Tips For Planning European Travel

Do you have a major trip to Europe on your bucket list? You’re either thrilled at the prospect of planning such a large trip or are completely intimidated by all the details involved. As is the case with just about any major endeavor, the more planning completed up front, the higher the chances are that the trip will be a huge success. There are many steps to take in planning such a large trip that go well beyond selecting hotel accommodations and flights. Follow these trips from the travel professionals to ensure your trip is filled with positive memories to last a life time.

The absolute most important first step in planning a major European vacation is to secure your passport. Check the expiration date on your current passport. Many European countries require at least 90 days remaining prior to expiration after the date of departure on your round trip tickets. Entry with a one way ticket requires either a work or education visa. Allow at least two to three months to process applications for new passports and renewals. Appointments can be made at your local post office to submit applications. Pay close attention to the documentation requirements for minors under the age of 18.

Check with your cell phone carrier to review data plan options in the countries you’ve selected. Free wifi is not nearly as popular in many European countries as it is in the United States. One option is to purchase a SIM card with prepaid data in each country on you itinerary. This can be rather cumbersome. Before deciding on this option, confirm that your cell phone has a removable SIM card. Be sure to place the original SIM card in a safe location to reinsert upon reentry to the United States.  Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality earphones from the huge selection available through Lenovo. You’ll appreciate the quality during the long overseas flight for enjoying a huge selection of movies.

Finally, order Euros from your local bank branch. This may take several weeks to receive depending on the size of your bank. Note that many smaller establishments in Europe do not accept credit cards. Europe is still much more of

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