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Getting cheap flights is almost an art. The logic of air tickets is very specific and the same flight and class, though the prices can vary greatly. Seating groups or flying as an individual, time and date of the sale also influence the amount. The services, however, are the same for everyone: passengers who paid $59 or $300 will be sitting side by side.

So getting cheaper tickets requires a lot of research. Whoever has the most flexible dates and is willing to do the math and compare will lead to better and cheaper tickets. Learn some tricks and some strategies to get cheap flights.

Keep an eye on the days and times

Airlines usually give discounts on flights that are less in demand, as the departing after 6pm and during the night is often cheaper than a nice early morning flight . Departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also often cheaper because demand is lower.

The purchase time of the cheap tickets also makes a big difference. If you do a search on the sites of the companies between midnight and 5 am you will be able to find better prices than when performing a similar search at 2 in the afternoon.visit site from

Buy in advance

Airline tickets prices increase as the flight date approaches. The ideal is to plan the trip three months in advance to get the best rates. Having flexibility of dates is also important: sometimes postpone back in a day is cheaper than paying for the price of a ticket on Sunday, for example.

Searching is the number one rule to pay less for the Airline tickets. Airlines have used not only their sites, but mainly social networks to publicize “lightning” deals. It is indeed worth keeping an eye on them, especially on weekends.

Look out for deals that give off only one of the flight segments. Depending on the route, the more it is worth buying a normal ticket on another day than those offered. Also read all the regulations so you don’t get caught by surprise with extra costs: there is usually a minimum stay time at the destination and it is not possible to exchange or flight date. Reading between the lines makes all the difference in these purchases.

Use your miles wisely

Leverage points accumulated through purchases with a credit card is a relatively common practice among airline tickets buyers. But still wasting miles happens. Each loyalty program has its own rules and it is necessary to know them to make a good deal. Some companies offer a national way stretch and back by a certain number of miles. Miles can be used at any time of year, so it is more advantageous to use them during periods of high season, when the tickets go up price of this site for more tips.

cheap flightsEarning miles also requires planning. Airlines sell tickets of different classes, and the more expensive, the more points offered and afforded flexibility (such as exclusion rates to rebook the flight, for example).

Sign up for services that gather points from several different providers (gas stations at the newsstand) is also interesting to get the best airline tickets.

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