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For several years, many passengers changed their travel agencies by shopping for their flights on shopping sites and on their own.

But those who have never had the experience of days, hours or even minutes after buying a ticket, how do they find one with a lower value? This can be really frustrating, especially for those who would like to travel saving as much as possible, after all many people do have a budget, even when it comes to traveling.

Choosing the right day to buy the ticket is also a good strategy; Tuesday was ‘elected’ as the best day to get the cheapest airline tickets.
To reduce this possibility the most in research you do for your next vacation, the better. In order to help you we list some tips so you can really get cheap flights.

1. Use sites that compare prices

If you have flexible travel dates to visit sites like kayak, farecompare, Momondo and skyscanner to compare the values of the airline tickets fast.
It is worth going into various websites, as companies have different agreements with each of them. Some of the sites, for example, include low-cost carrier tariffs.

In addition, you can filter the results more convenient for your trip making the whole process much easier and simpler.

An interesting tool of fare compares and sky scanner is to enable tariffs alerts for when prices fall from an airline ticket that you are interested.
It Momondo, the tool “flight forecast” is useful to give you details of a specific route. For example, doing a search for flights from London to Brazil, this option shows which days of the week are cheaper to travel or even when weeks of the year the rates are lower.

Now, if you have a more adventurous spirit and bump travel where there is an offer on sites like skyscanner can be placed as a target “anywhere” and find flights to all countries. Then all you have to do is pick the destination and you will be all set!
What If you go across the best rates for flights quick?

Once you find the best value rate, it costs to check the available value in the airline’s website as well.
But hurry because some companies, such as Lufthansa and Air France-KLM group, are adopting strategies to combat these sites as an extra charge on tickets issued outside of their official websites or systems operated by tour operators.

Lufthansa announced it would charge extra 16 euros. The idea is to attract more customers to the official sites of airline companies, preventing these intermediate sites that might offer more attractive prices for flights.

2. Check when it is cheaper to travel

Travel TicketsYou’ve probably already noticed, but it never hurts to repeat: traveling during the week is cheaper.
Friday and Sunday are the days most chosen by those traveling on business and for tourists who want to enjoy the weekend. Thursday, it is more likely to find a good deal on Tuesday or Wednesday, votes as the best days to get cheap tickets.
The tool “flight forecast” mentioned before can also help identify the cheapest day of the week on a specific route.view website at

Receive offers by e-mail can be a bit annoying, but allows you to be knowing firsthand when a company launches a promotion on airplane tickets.
Another good idea might be to follow the Twitter accounts of the companies that make the routes that interest you.

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