Cheapest Days to Fly and Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets


Everyone is looking for the cheap ticket, mostly due to rising ticket prices. It has a lot to do with time, and the key is knowing what day you can land get cheap flights.

Book your flight on Tuesday and Wednesday

Avoid booking on weekends. Conversely, when most people think of buying tickets is weekends because they are busy on weekdays. So, the question is here; when can I buy a ticket? According to tourism experts, buy a ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday for you can get good deals on does days.

Not only the day of ticket purchase but also the time. Most airlines have stopped their offer up to two weeks before the flight and prices will increase “at the last minute,” to be safe (without justification), you must book flights one or two months in advance. In a few months, prices will not be high because there is not as much competition as possible. If you get a magic mark of 2 months, buy on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Prices fluctuate, which can be frustrating for customers. If you are looking for good deals, you then need to buy your ticket on Tuesday. The sale of discount seats begins on Monday evening and Tuesday morning suits competitors at low cost. It expires at the end of the week (Thursday or Friday in most cases). Here is an example; The round-trip can be $ 209 on Tuesday or Wednesday it is $ 301 in four days, then another it reduces to $ 219, and return $ 307 the same week. By Tuesday again, the cost of flights can drop to $ 229. Visit this sites :

Don’t book your flight on weekends

The airlines increase their prices Thursday night, usually for $ 5 or $ 10, to see how many of their competitors respect their prices. If the competitors do not respect these prices, Monday morning, they will be reduced to the initial price. Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays; If you are traveling these days, prices may be lower than Monday, Friday, and Sunday. On Sundays, you will receive a larger amount. Book your tickets in advance. You can book a cheap flight if you book a trip 14 days or more before the trip.

You need to act quickly because these prices often change, you can capture and get a good deal, but if you don’t buy them if you do not stand a chance! Most merchants will buy tickets from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Interviews with airlines are reasonable when commercial activity is active at the time. Studies have shown that if you buy a ticket on Tuesday at 15:00, you will receive a very good contract. Markets show they offer the lowest prices on the weekend, posting weekend price hikes. The best day of the week to buy the ticket is Tuesday.


According to Wall Street Journal, Tuesday and Wednesday are the perfect days to book you Cheap ticket. Even airline executives have free weekends, so they do not know what is booked until Monday morning back to work.

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