The first thing that should come into your mind when you hear about the budget flights or airlines is that they offer significantly cheaper tickets as compared to their full-service counterparts. Budget airlines are liked by many because they offer an appeal that is enticing and that allows you to spend your dollars on other things. Despite the fact that the budget airlines make travelling increasingly affordable, there are doubts that they might be scammy or terrible at times. Here are the 7 must-know facts about the budget airlines.

 Budget airlines are as safe as the regular airlines

All airlines ensure the safety of their customers and there is no airline that wants to lose its reputation because of safety. Safety is very important in airlines and those that lack safety are likely to lose more customers and lose millions of dollars because of poor reputation.

 You will pay for luggage weight

The budget airlines have small carry-on amount and they cannot be compared with the higher priced tickets where you will have to pay higher for the hefty weight allowances. It is important for you to check the baggage allowances before eventually purchasing your ticket online.

In-flight drinks and foods are extra

 The free foods that you take in the budget airlines or cheap flights are always free and they don’t charge anything in order to reduce cost. On the other hand the full-service airlines also provide expensive foods for free and this food is actually paid in your airfare.

You will be required to print your own ticket

Most airline tickets are printable online once you have the paid the airfare. It is important to check on the website to see if your budget airline requires you to print your ticket and go with it to the airport. When you want to travel and you don’t get a place to print your ticket it is important to ask the front desk or print it a convenience store, in a library or university.

The budget airline airport might be outside the major city

Sometimes the budget airlines have their airport outside the city and sometimes it might be far from your destination. This does not occur everywhere but it commonly happens in Europe. Ensure you check on Google map to know the destination of the airport so that you can be able to factor line time and some transit costs to that airport. This also enables you to know whether it is worthwhile or not.

Customer service can exact same as the rest or be better or worse

There are terrible or great experiences that happen on the way whether you are using the full-service or the budget airline. There are some airplanes with rude staff, flight delays, flight cancellations and even losing luggage.

There are chances of an aircraft having a more basic interior

There are noticeable differences in the interior of the budget planes. In this case you might find that the seats are much smaller and the cushions are firmer and not as in the full-service aircraft that may be more comfortable. Choosing cheap airline tickets enables you to save more money that you can use in other important activities while on your trip.


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